Join us for a 3-part webinar series!

Podcast Listener Insights Series

Part 1: Thursday, June 30  WATCH

Part 2: Thursday, July 14  REGISTER

Part 3: Thursday, July 28  REGISTER

2-2:30pm ET


What will you learn?

The informative and thought-provoking webinar series will provide brands, agencies and marketers with new and exclusive data on the media consumption, engagement, and purchase propensities of podcast listeners in the U.S. based on Veritonic data.

Webinar 1 will dive deep into the consumption habits of U.S. podcast listeners, providing data and insights around platform and device usage, the role that geography and age play in media consumption, sound preferences, and more. WATCH HERE

Webinar 2 will unveil the engagement habits of U.S. podcast listeners, including muting & skipping ads, parallels between audio and video ad engagement, feelings towards interactive ads, the impact of a listener's geographic location on ad engagement, and more. REGISTER HERE

Webinar 3 will dive deep into the purchase behaviors of U.S. podcast listeners, including subscription trends, recall and purchase behaviors by platform, the impact of ad creative on driving purchases, and more. REGISTER HERE

Your Hosts

Kristin Charron

Kristin Charron

VP, Marketing


Theresa Vallejo

Theresa Vallejo

Digital Marketing Manager