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Measuring the Power and Resonance of Audio

Providing simple, affordable, reliable, and fair connectivity is the mission behind TalkTalk’s broadband network services.

Partnering with their agency, AudioPlus, TalkTalk was seeking to ensure that their audio advertising assets were created and optimized with the goal of maximizing their brand awareness in mind.

Leveraging Veritonic’s built-for-audio Brand Lift solution, AudioPlus was able to measure the power and resonance of their audio ads among their target audience and optimize them accordingly. Additionally, they were able to utilize tools for hyper-personalization to reach and broaden the target audience (adults 18+ in the UK).

TalkTalk was also able to employ AudioPlus' hyperlocal postcode targeting to ensure they were reaching only listeners who had access to TalkTalk's full fibre broadband in their respective areas.