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There are not many brands that can claim something as general as a triangle as their own, but somehow Frito-Lay has managed to do so with the Doritos brand. As consumers turned an increasing amount of attention to the audio channel, Frito-Lay focused less on the look of the Doritos brand, and more on its sound. 

With taste, smell, a visual, and a solid cultural identity in the bag (so to speak), Frito-Lay set out to translate its unique and ‘disruptive’ brand identity across the airwaves. 


To tackle the challenge of building out a sonic identity as powerful and memorable as Dorito’s visual identity, the Frito-Lay team employed the expertise of sonic branding experts at Made Music Studio.

Made Music Studio developed cutting edge creatives to take listeners into an alternative Doritos-inspired world, without the visual aids.

  • Target audience: 18-24 year olds 
  • Suite of assets from logos to longer sonic branding elements 
  • Key brand attribute: “disruptive”


Frito-Lay released the suite of sounds within their ads. Not only did their new logo score 23% above the CPG norm for recall/memorability, the brand score showed 12% higher overall appeal for the brand after people heard the logo. Another important metric for the brand to get across in their sonic identity was creating disruption. Veritonic data showed that among their target audience of 18-24 year olds, 70% found the sound disruptive. 


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"Audio has this visceral ability to connect with us as humans on an emotional level and can be a phenomenal driver of impact from a branding and advertising perspective."

James Clarke, Senior Director of Digital & Social, PepsiCo 

The Doritos brand is known for being at the center of culture, and Frito-Lay’s stake in audio has proven the medium’s worth is here to stay. Hear the Doritos sonic identity in action in a 2- minute video released by Frito-Lay. 

Doritos Sonic Identity

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