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A smart home technology company turned to radio to boost engagement among Hispanic consumers across key markets. Katz Radio Group partnered with Veritonic to measure the impact of radio advertising on key brand health metrics like awareness and purchase intent.


Katz leveraged the Veritonic audio analytics platform to measure the effectiveness of a radio campaign targeted at Spanish-speaking people in the US.


Research showed the campaign drove brand awareness and consideration:

  • The brand was the most “top of mind” in the category, cited by 59% of Hispanics “unaided.”
  • The brand led in aided awareness, with name recognition by 76% of Hispanics.
  • Hispanic respondents outperformed non-Hispanics on both awareness metrics as well (+7% and +4%, respectively).
  • 68% of Hispanics saying they would consider it during their next purchase occasion (+6% higher than non-Hispanics.)


By leveraging Veritonic analytics and Katz Radio Group’s reach to Hispanic audiences, the brand was able to reach their target with messaging that drove results.


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