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As the nation’s leading hair care franchise dedicated to men and boys, Sport Clips Haircuts prides itself on providing an experience geared toward making clients feel comfortable, pampered, and refreshed. Sport Clips approached audio agency partner, Play Audio Agency, to help identify an innovative and disruptive way to advertise the new scent for its signature service, The MVP Haircut Experience. Using client feedback and a set of in-depth brand immersion exercises, Sport Clips and Play Audio Agency identified the ASMR style of production as a unique way to reach its target audience. Sport Clips then sought to identify and test a voice that accurately represents its brand and values within its audio advertising creative. To achieve this goal, Sport Clips and Play Audio Agency utilized Veritonic’s audio creative measurement capabilities to identify and optimize the voiceover selection to maximize brand awareness, intent, and engagement among target male listeners in the U.S.


While in the pre-production phase all assets produced by Play Audio Agency were qualified using Veritonic’s predictive measurement to gain feedback on the pace and arrangement of the ad’s elements. Next, Sport Clips harnessed Veritonic’s Creative Measurement capabilities to test each of the 10 voiceover assets in a pre-market environment to identify the top two performers. Setting parameters to measure attributes including authenticity, uniqueness, and relevance, while also identifying spikes in recall, intent, engagement, and brand awareness, Veritonic was able to provide Sport Clips with comprehensive data to support their decision making process in bringing the most compelling and engaging audio ad to market.


Veritonic data and analysis indicated that 100% of the tested audio scored at or above benchmarks for overall Veritonic Audio Score, Intent, and Engagement with their chosen ads scoring:

  • +5 ppt increase in relevancy
  • +4 ppt increase in authenticity
  • +5 ppt increase in uniqueness
  • +5 ppt increase in evoking feelings of relaxation

Additionally, each tested asset scored between +4 ppts and +9 ppts above industry standard for Intent, with all ads increasing brand awareness by +15 ppts. With strikingly positive data outputs from the Veritonic platform, Sport Clips in partnership with Play Audio Agency were able to collect actionable recommendations for bringing successful ads to market to meet and exceed their business goals.

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