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A leading provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce embarked on a mission to identify a new voice to embody their brand. In an effort to ensure optimal memorability and intent to take action within their target demographic - small business owners, small business decision makers, or aspiring business owners - the brand sought Veritonic Creative Measurement technology to identify an audio asset that would be a strong representation of their marketing voice and vision.


Veritonic’s creative measurement solution allowed the ecommerce platform to survey their target audience to test which of 6 voiceover assets elicited the strongest response and would ultimately become the voice of their brand for future audio creative. The industry leader leveraged Veritonic’s unparalleled campaign measurement technology to analyze and compare which voice received the highest score for brand recall and intent, as well for key attributes including but not limited to trust, energy, relevance, likability, power, and uniqueness. The metrics were also compared to Veritonic’s benchmarks within the B2B Services: Software and Solutions industry.


The data and insights delivered within the Veritonic platform clearly indicated a winning voice for their brand. Their chosen brand voice scored five points higher than the Veritonic benchmark for the B2B Services: Software and Solutions category in recall, and four points higher in intent. The chosen voice-over also significantly out-performed its competing assets in each key attribute, scoring in the top percentile among the target audience and B2B consumers.

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