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A political candidate, in partnership with their agency National Media Insights, sought out the support of Katz Digital to understand the incremental impact audio advertising has versus their long-standing TV campaign investment. In order to draw data-driven conclusions, Katz and National Media Insights leveraged Veritonic’s Brand Lift solution to measure lifts in awareness, favorability, and intent among registered Republican and Independent state voters through its radio campaign while also unpacking incremental lifts to their historically strong TV investment.


Utilizing a pixel-based approach, Veritonic’s Brand Lift solution identified members of the target audience exposed to the political candidates' campaigns and deployed a survey to measure against a variety of key performance metrics including awareness, favorability, and intent. These metrics were tested amongst listeners of both radio streaming and television to identify how the performance lifts of each channel compared to one another. 


Veritonic data and analysis concluded that overall exposed streaming audiences are driving significant lifts versus a control (non-exposed) audience, and equal or better performance than TV campaigns among the younger demographic (ages 25-54). With data points highlighting that radio streaming campaigns…

  • Performed nearly equal to that of TV with a combined +33 ppt lift in awareness and +25 ppt lift in intent
  • Slightly outperformed TV as it relates favorability with a +29 ppt lift as opposed to a +25 ppt lift

The measurement tools employed to set the political candidate’s campaigns up for success resulted in such striking insights that their agency was nominated and bestowed the prestigious Reed Award for exemplary campaigning. 

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