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Leading employee scheduling and time tracking solution, When I Work, set their sights on increasing brand awareness – specifically among businesses with 0-500 employees – and determining whether their streaming audio and podcast advertisements between two leaders in the podcast space drove greater brand lift and conversions among their target audience of 18+ adults in the U.S. that listen to podcasts.

When I Work also sought an additional layer of analysis to differentiate between the success of host-read versus announcer ads.


When I Work leveraged Veritonic’s pixel-based Brand Lift and Attribution capabilities to measure lifts among key advertising metrics such as brand awareness, favorability, and intent to take action. The overarching goal of the campaign was ultimately to gauge conversion rates by platform.

Through the utilization of secure, privacy-safe exposure pixels attached to the ad impressions, Veritonic was able to provide When I Work with comprehensive and highly insightful data pointing to the achievement of its overall audio campaign performance by both platform and ad type.


Data from the Veritonic platform demonstrated that campaigns run on two of the largest audio platforms resulted in positive impact as it relates to When I Work’s KPI’s of brand awareness, favorability, and intent among the total exposed audience. The Veritonic data showed that audio ads within Platform A appeared to create a greater opportunity for conversion among relevant audiences, specifically host-read ads - up to a 2.7% conversion rate.

In its entirety, this campaign resulted in positive impacts to Awareness (+19 ppt), Favorability (+12 ppt), and Intent (+10 ppt). The data also provided insight into the connection of ad frequency to awareness, Platform B drove higher awareness than Platform A by +3ppt in connection with higher ad frequency than Platform A. Veritonic’s all-inclusive audio platform was also able to highlight second-by-second engagement data which indicated that the ad duration of Platform A (0:30) and Platform B (0:60) could also have significant impact on the level of awareness versus conversion on each respective outlet. These performance insights enabled When I Work to make optimizing decisions for their next Q4 campaign, choosing to focus investments on the best performing platform.

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