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Providing simple, affordable, reliable, and fair connectivity is the mission behind TalkTalk’s broadband network services. Partnering with their agency, AudioPlus, TalkTalk was seeking to ensure that their audio advertising assets were created and optimized with the goal of maximizing their brand awareness in mind.

Leveraging Veritonic’s built-for-audio Brand Lift solution, AudioPlus was able to measure the power and resonance of their audio ads among their target audience and optimize them accordingly. Additionally, they were able to utilize tools for hyper-personalization to reach and broaden their target audience (adults 18+ in the UK). TalkTalk was also able to employ AudioPlus’ hyperlocal postcode targeting to ensure they were reaching only listeners who had access to TalkTalk’s full fibre broadband in their respective areas.


AudioPlus and TalkTalk utilized Veritonic’s pixel-based Brand Lift capabilities to measure the difference in response to their audio advertising campaign between audiences organically exposed to their ads and a look-a-like control group, in order to measure the in-market lift. The resulting data from Veritonic provided both insightful and actionable insights around their campaign performance as it relates to increased brand awareness, favorability, and intent.

Additionally, Veritonic’s Brand Lift solution provided TalkTalk with unparalleled second-by-second engagement data which allowed them to identify the specific language within the script that elicited various emotional responses. 


TalkTalk’s audio campaign was extremely effective in increasing brand awareness (+8 ppts) and shifting consumer brand perception from less favorable to neutral or positive opinions. Veritonic’s technology was also able to unlock key criteria for audience segmentation, heavy internet users, which resulted in significant increases in intent (+9 ppts) and favorability  (+9 ppts).

Coupled with feedback drawn from Veritonic’s second-by-second engagement data, the team was also able to glean strong recommendations to increase success of future audio ads including abbreviated disclaimers and highlighting incentives or promotions more heavily.


“Veritonic’s unprecedented audio Brand Lift and Attribution capabilities provide end-to-end measurement and analytics that will allow us to gain actionable insights that are indispensable in creating and maintaining a high-return audio strategy. This data is critical in our efforts to help brands meaningfully connect with their audiences through the intimate and personal nature of audio advertising.” 


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