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State-run vaccination campaigns have played a critical role in combating COVID-19 across the country. With this in mind, the government of a state with lower-than-average vaccination rates partnered with Katz Digital to run a podcast advertising campaign to evangelize the COVID-19 vaccine. The state government hoped to leverage the burgeoning podcast channel as a trustworthy and engaging vehicle to educate its citizens on the safe and necessary practice of getting vaccinated. While the campaign was live, Katz Digital utilized Veritonic’s brand lift capabilities to measure listener’s favorable perception and intent to receive a COVID-19 vaccine after hearing the ad.


A state government leveraged Katz Digital’s dynamic ad insertion with geotargeting technology to reach its desired audience. To measure the impact of the campaign, Katz Digital utilized Veritonic’s Brand Lift capability. Brand lift data was collected by measuring an exposed versus unexposed group, with both segments containing similar demographic breakdowns from age and household income to political affiliation. Through Veritonic’s Brand Lift offering, Katz was able to identify the specific verbiage in the ads that impacted listeners the most. These creative insights were collected through Veritonic’s distinguished second-by-second engagement data. 


The COVID-19 vaccination campaign was highly effective in increasing favorability and intent for the vaccine. Among the unvaccinated, the campaign positively shifted favorable perceptions by 170% vs those unexposed, and the exposed were 25% more likely to receive a vaccine versus those unexposed. Second-by-second engagement data revealed specific dialogue that drove spikes in likability and ‘relevant to me’ among unvaccinated respondents.


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"We are pleased to appoint Veritonic as a preferred Brand Lift partner. The most recent study findings- which include a 170% lift in favorability—meaningfully furthered the advertiser’s confidence in audio as a highly effective channel for reaching its desired audience with the right message, in the right location, at the right time."


- Scott Porretti, President, Katz Digital Audio

The incredibly high shift in favorable perceptions and intent by this campaign demonstrated that state and national vaccination efforts can be strengthened with the power of audio.

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