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Sonic branding has been mostly absent from the Pharmaceutical industry. So when one of the leading IBS medications, decided to develop and launch a mnemonic, it was paramount to have a solid sense of how people would respond first. Projecting a hopeful tone and inspiring a positive connection to the brand were primary goals.


The brand worked with its creative agency to develop a range of mnemonics for the brand. To put evidence behind their final choice, the team utilized Veritonic Analytics to not only measure the effectiveness of the overall strategy, but to identify which version resonated best with their customer base.

  • 3 mnemonics tested, first alone, then in the context of a video ad
  • Assessed for attributes like trustworthiness, likability, and hopefulness, along with measures like positive brand perception
  • Targeted to diagnosed IBS/IBS-D sufferers


One version of the mnemonic stood out above the rest with the brand’s target audience:

  • Recall +36%
  • Surpassed benchmarks for trustworthiness (+8%), likability (+11%), and innovation (+13%)
  • 60% of respondents agree the winning mnemonic creates a positive perception of the brand, 7pp above other versions
  • 82% state adding the mnemonic to an ad will help them better remember the brand


Leading the way for sonic branding in Pharma, the brand used the findings from the Veritonic platform to validate the decision to move forward and launch the winning mnemonic in Q2 of this year.


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