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Subway struggled to determine what music to use in their national and global ad campaigns that would both resonate with consumers and align with the Subway brand. They required a solution that could solve this need in a fast, effective, and repeatable way and be capable of testing the response of people across multiple demographics around the world.


Subway leveraged Veritonic’s creative measurement solution to analyze and score all of their audio assets, which were then compared against industry benchmarks and against the brand’s catalog.

  • Over 3,000 panelists surveyed ages 18-65+
  • Six key markets tested: US, Canada, UK, China, Brazil, UAE
  • Metrics scored:
    • 48-hour recall, engagement, and intent to purchase
    • Attributes: authenticity, confidence, optimism, relevance, excitement, and vibrance


Subway leveraged Veritonic Analytics to decide on which tracks would be most effective. The winning tracks drove game-changing results for their campaigns:

  • Recall increase by 76% across key demographics
  • 40% increase in the emotional resonance of Subway ads


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"Prior to partnering with Veritonic, we would argue for weeks about which music to use. In the end, we would have no idea how our ads made people feel, if they were memorable or how we stacked up against our competition. Now, we don’t decide to use a piece of music in our ads unless we have Veritonic’s data to support that decision. Veritonic makes it easy for us and our agency to prove the impact our music choices have on our target audience in a way we’ve never seen before!"

- Chris Carrol, Chief Advertising Officer, Subway

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