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A legendary insurance brand had been hesitant to spend on radio because it lacked confidence in its audio creative. It needed an easy way to compare against industry norms and know what would resonate most with its target customers. 


Part of Westwood One’s mission is to prove that data-driven best practices for radio ads exist—and matter— they worked with the brand to test whether applying those best practices improved consumers’ perception of the ads and their desire to purchase the product.

WWO ran two tests to understand the impact of enhanced branding in audio creative. 

Test 1:

In January 2018, 317 respondents, all adults 18-54, assessed four existing ads for their happiness, optimism, likability and trustworthiness, and how much they wanted to buy the product after listening.

Test 2:

In March 2018, they conducted a second test after the client applied best practices around “enhanced branding,” including:

  • Putting the brand name at the beginning of the ad instead of the end, allowing listeners to make an early connection
  • Mentioning the brand two or three times in the ad, rather than only once
  • Using a sonic logo for familiarity, especially in close proximity to the brand name mention, which forms a memory link


By testing with Veritonic, WWO had verified proof to bring back to their insurance client that  enhanced branding drives better performance. The insurance company saw consistently better performance across all key measures, including happiness, optimism, likability, and trustworthiness.







With clear, data-driven direction on the best way to optimize their creative, the insurance brand created objectively more resonant, compelling radio ads that drive purchase.

“Having these scores is making us a lot smarter about creating audio creative that sells.”

Pierre Bouvard Chief Insights Officer, Westwood One

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