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One of the largest American retailers was launching a national television campaign and needed guidance over which music should be included. The brand only had one week to decide before their creative was set to go live, and needed verifiable data to support their choice.


The brand’s marketing team leveraged Veritonic’s Creative Testing technology to test various musical options to see which elicited the most favorable emotional response to the spot and the brand from their target audience, and which articulated  the brand's key attributes best. The team was also interested in measuring the extent to which the music drove recall and influenced intent to buy after hearing the spot.


The brand’s marketing team utilized Veritonic’s Predictive AI technology and human panel testing to make their final decision. First, they used predictive scoring to narrow their track options to the highest scorers, then leveraged Veritonic’s human panel testing methodology to ensure the creative was optimal for their target audience and specific brand attributes. 

The brand received its results in just 7 days.  Both the predictive results (optimized for a general popular audience) and the human panel test (optimized for the brand’s target audience) resulted in the same top scoring creative, providing the brand with credible support for their music choices.  The unanimous data enabled the brand to confidently go to market with the most optimized creative possible.


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