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One of the largest retailers in the US, Burlington, utilized Veritonic’s research and testing capabilities to help discover what audio would resonate best with consumers in their television campaign.


The brand leveraged Veritonic creative testing to analyze how key brand attributes resonated in the tracks being tested, along with intent and memorability.

Key attributes:

  • Happy, Authentic, Celebratory, Independent, Inspiring, Spontaneous, and Welcoming

Tracks tested:

  • 2 original tracks from the brand’s current campaign
  • 5 alternative selections
  • 3 video ads using the original and the alternative tracks

Target audience:

  • Females 25-49,
  • Working mothers, HHI $45-$100k
  • 4 geographical cohorts


Burlington’s ads performed significantly better when they ran spots with the music that scored best in the study with Veritonic. 

  • 76% increase in online engagement across key demographics
  • 20% higher emotional response for the winning soundtrack


Burlington saved time, ad spend, and hours of internal debates by leveraging Veritonic’s measurement solution to find the right sound to represent their brand.

“We tested everything except the music because we never knew you could. Having relied solely on our agency for audio selection, Veritonic has provided us a platform that quickly and easily confirms the impact our music choices have on our target audience in a way we've never seen before!”

Warren Johnson, Vice President of Marketing, Burlington

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